Management Consulting Services

As can be seen under the Experience tab in this web site, Kelley Management Associates, LLC, has assisted many clients seeking to improve their organizational objectives. In summary, this has included the performance analysis of management and organizational structure on both the program/project and corporate levels. The service elements listed below are offered singly or in combination according to the specific needs of the client.
  • Analysis of financial and contract management techniques and controls.

  • Analysis of corporate organizational structure to effectively support capital projects.

  • Analysis of project organizational structure, communication, and internal planning processes.

  • Analysis of workplace morale.

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of incentive compensation policies, procedures and implementation.

  • Independent assessment of corporate/department goals and objectives and the identification of any "hidden agendas" potentially adversely affecting achievement.

  • Analysis of the root causes of cost growth/overruns on problem projects.

  • Organizing "lessons learned" and systematic planning for organization/policy changes to effectively improve future operations.

  • Comprehensive planning services, applied (primarily) to organizations not in the normal business of development and management of capital projects. This service could consist of planning the organization structure for design, construction, project management, and some or all of the attendant assistance in estimating, scheduling, value engineering, quality control/assurance, etc.

  • Strategic planning including definition of the base line, definition development of alternatives, feasibility analysis, and development of detailed implementation plans.

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